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Added By : Tod South Australia

Ught this pillow because i have sore shoulders and find them hard to sleep on waking up many times a night for years. i cant sleep on my back either due to neck and back problems. This pillow is brilliant! Ive only had it for 2 nights but i think it ...


Added By : Bill Cearns

Avid, I will give you a small bit of my history and you can use this statement as a testimonial or (or any parts of it ) if you wish in the future. I have been a chronic snorer for over 30 years or more, especially if I sleep on my back. M ...


Added By : Kelly

Swald, Funny thing, i been thinking about writing to you for a few weeks now to say thanks, and today i got your letter in the mail. I must admit, after my first use of your pillow, i felt aweful. Sore, tired. I gave up on the pillow and it ...


Added By : Andrew Arnold

a family Chiropractor and chronic snorer. My wife simply cannot get to sleep and separate beds is not good for our marriage. At first sight I was skeptical but from the moment I laid on the anti-snoring pillow I immediately felt comfortable. The sh ...


Added By : Matt, VIC

Ame is Matt Davidson and I have been a notoriously loud snorer from a very young age, to the extent that my cousins made me sleep in the lounge room at the other end of the house when I went up to visit. When Dr. Andrew Arnold showed me the Anti-Snor ...

Health & Fitness

Added By : Phil & Carole

Swald, Received the pillow yesterday and the 2 arm rests were included .. thank-you. I was keen to try it, so late afternoon I lay down and promptly fell asleep for 45 mins. The whole angle really suits me and the shoulder space is what I have been s ...

Sleep Pillow

Added By : Lindi

Ught a sleep pillow from you last December. I have persevered with the pillow, and yes it has prevented a lot of my snoring behaviour. However, I try to continually adjust the height of the pillow. I have just had my 3rd sleep study. (I took my speci ...