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Added By : Lindi

I bought a sleep pillow from you last December. I have persevered with the pillow, and yes it has prevented a lot of my snoring behaviour. However, I try to continually adjust the height of the pillow. I have just had my 3rd sleep study. (I took my special pillow with me this time) I will be seeing the sleep specialist again in 10 days for the latest results. Previously, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea but I struggled 3 months with CPAP, and the results were absolutely hopeless. CPAP did nothing for me at all. I would have persevered if the results were going to improve my health, but unfortunately CPAP did not help my condition. I am not sure what the next step will be for me ââ¬â splint for the mouth? I would prefer to stay with the pillow, but I will find out what the sleep specialist thinks. Tuesday, 12 April 2011 I got the results of my 3rd sleep study. My results went from 46 AHI (severe) to 16 (mild to moderate) - this was due to sleeping on my side! I am very happy with this. Thank you