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Added By : Kelly

Hi Oswald,

Funny thing, i been thinking about writing to you for a few weeks now to say thanks, and today i got your letter in the mail.

I must admit, after my first use of your pillow, i felt aweful. Sore, tired. I gave up on the pillow and it became a clothes rack!

When i was suggested a cpap machine, i was going to try that, but thought, i dont want to rely on electricity to help me for the rest of my life and what if my lungs are ruined, or i get nasal problems? I read customers reviews after they used cpap, many negative and positive reviews, but i read enough to turn me off.

I tried a tongue holding device, aweful! Tried a mouth guard, and wanted to gag.

I ended up getting the pillow back off the floor and back onto the bed and tried sleeping with it again. Around 3 days after use, i was slowly adapting to the new position. I am small framed, so i stick a pillow in the gap that is made for your shoulder, and my head rests mostly in that area. Weeks had passed, using your pillow, and i was waking up less tired, aching less, and was feeling refreshed for longer.

Before finding your website when searching in desperation, I had tried my own pillow adjustments, to be slightly on an angle, as i know it's the tongue muscles that relax too much and due to gravity/sleeping angles etc, that cause obstruction, well my pillow adjustment was not too comfy.

So to find your pillow, pre-made and looking like a mini bed, it made me want to click buy, and here i am today, giving you my feedback.

I am underweight if anything, so weight is not contributing to my snoring, though i have a small chin and many teeth, lucky me :) So i guess my airways are obstructed. Humans hey? If it isn't one thing it's another.

I give you permission to use my first name only, and thank you again for your invention, so simple yet helps so greatly. And thanks for the pillow protector.

Hoping i didn't bore you to tears with my letter :)

Bye for now, Kelly.