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Added By : Andrew Arnold

I am a family Chiropractor and chronic snorer. My wife simply cannot get to sleep and separate beds is not good for our marriage. At first sight I was skeptical but from the moment I laid on the anti-snoring pillow I immediately felt comfortable. The shoulder recess allows you to sleep in a natural side posture and surprisingly my neck was not unduly strained which is common feedback from my patients when using new pillows. Finally and most importantly my snoring was reported to be 90% improved and this was from day one! After 3 months this has continued. So in conclusion I wholeheartedly recommend the anti-snore pillow for anyone with snoring or other breathing problems like sleep apnea aggravated at night.

In addition to reducing or preventing snoring, Its unique inclined position makes breathing easier and the lateral position secures the body for comfort in the left or right sleep position. Taking this further, in practice, I believe various neck and shoulder complaints aggravated when sleeping on their sides, the u-sleep pillow may be able minimize undue stress and strain over night. These conditions may include sub-acromial bursitis, adhesive capsulitis, sterno-clavicular fixation, post-surgery to shoulder, healing collar bone fractures etc.

At this stage I have limited clinical evidence, but will report as this comes in.