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The U Sleepwell therapeutic pillow works structurally as an THE INCLINED, LATERAL SLEEP SYSTEM

also sold as

Snore Be Gone

Postural Sleep Positioning System


The quote ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ couldn’t be truer or more befitting for a product that came into existence as a class one medical device for a special need. I endured snoring and sleep apnea, without understanding the consequences.The journey from not knowing what to do, to knowing what to do was indeed a long one. More often than not the problems we face in our health inspire us and can often act as a catalyst to ignite or inspire the thought process and facilitate new ideas to a realisation of a product. This is the story of our therapeutic pillow, structurally functioning as an Inclined Lateral Sleep System.


The Inclined Lateral Sleep structural System was created out of a need to help with snoring - a condition I endured for many years. Progressively the condition got worse, the frustration got worse, but the determination was always there to do something about it. Following medical tests for Sleep Apnea Symptoms that confirmed severe snoring and sleep apnoea. Our search in the market for a suitable pillow to assist with my condition did not help and all cures for snoring were in vain. What we discovered was that almost all devices were inconvenient, intrusive, and often stressful. The anti-snore pillows seem to address the comfort of the head and neck only.- not the entire body. The few manufacturers that took a broader approach to address the problem did so with little success.


Our experience, online research, and personal experience confirmed we needed to take a holistic approach to address the problem of snoring; It became quite evident to us that sleep is a function of the whole body. This meant we had to address the comfort of the whole body. The U Sleepwell therapeutic pillow took two years of research and development, and finally we have a product that can provide a good night’s sleep by reducing snoring. What makes the therapeutic pillow sleep system unique from other devices and anti-snoring pillows is its very distinctive shape and composition. There are five sections in the pillow that come together to lock the body into an inclined, lateral position and provide comfort for a good night’s sleep. The Inclined Lateral Sleep System takes into consideration the anatomy and weight variations of the body.



Out U Sleepwell therapeutic pilow, will fulfil the need for a good night’s sleep by virtue of its design which is to secure the body in an inclined lateral position, providing support to the head, neck, shoulders, torso and lower part of the body. This is very important because in REM sleep or deep sleep condition there is no control over body movement. Movement in the sub-conscience state may manipulate the body into positions or posture leading to snoring. 


The most appealing features of the Sleep System are its accommodating design, convenience, and especially its non- intrusive features.


Accommodating Design: Because of our holistic approach to address the problems of snoring, accommodating the body for comfort during sleep was our first priority. The second priority was to be able to reduce or prevent movement during sleep. The third priority was to ensure that turning right to left or vice versa during sleep was easy to reduce stress on the body muscles.


Convenience: The Sleep System is extremely convenient. It uses one half of a standard mattress without disturbing the partner on the opposite side. It is light weight, needs no adjustments, it comes conveniently packaged in a plastic carry bag. It can be folded for storage or travel. It has a removable special protector cover which can be washed or dry-cleaned.


Non-Intrusive Features: This feature is what distinguishes the U Sleepwell therapeutic Sleep System from other products in the market. There is nothing to wear on the face or in the mouth. It is non-intrusive, allows easy movements from side to side, and allows total independence during sleep.


Snoring is a problem that  may lead to a serious health condition. A simple definition of snoring is air being forced through a restricted air passage between muscle tissues which has lost muscle tone.


The greater the restriction or closure of the air passage, the stronger and louder the snoring. Total closure of the air passage in a person for than 10 seconds is acknowledged as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).


During sleep the central nervous system sends signals to the diaphragm and rib muscles to assist with breathing. As the body drifts into deep sleep it loses muscle tone, For people with snoring problems the tongue, palate, uvula, and pharyngeal wall tend to close in on the airway passage. This collapse of muscle slowly restricts the airway and causes the surrounding soft tissue to vibrate—this vibration causes snoring.When the air passage is totally restricted, the vibration and snoring stops and a state known as apnea (loss of breath) starts.


Sleep apnea is a  medical condition. The condition can exist in a mild to a severe form. If unattended, the risks may result in serious health conditions. Regular occurrences of apnea during sleep can also causes tiredness, drowsiness, serious risk of accidents while driving, and possible stress in personal relationships.


The U Sleepwell Sleep System can help you and your partner rest well by preventing or reducing snoring.


Negative aspects of the U-Sleepwell therapeutic sleep system:

It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to adapt the sleep system. The sleep system needs to be used for short periods of time initially for the first few days, and then used full time to get the benefits.


There are positive aspects to using the sleep system to manage snoring. The sleep system allows for a comfortable sleep that elevates head, neck, shoulders and the torso section of the body.. You can take this sleep system when you travel, making it not only effective, but also convenient to use.


The sleep system is made of a high quality, high density polyurethane foam, high density memory foam, and special soft fibre that is designed to give you support and comfort when sleeping. A special protector cover (optional) with antibacterial properties and a special membrane barrier that prevents stains from perspiration. The protector cover protects and enhances the life of the sleep system.


Snoring can be disruptive to your life. Snorers often waking up repeatedly throughout the night, although they may not realize this. Because of the incessant snoring, most often attributed to partial closure of the airway passage, the person does not wake up rested. They find it difficult to arise in the morning because they have not slept well the night before. Partners of those who snore excessively often are resorted to wearing earplugs or, in some cases, moving to another room. Snoring can be a cause of discord in relationships.


How does the U Sleepwell therapeutic Sleep System work?

The U Sleepwell Sleep System is designed to provide comfort to the whole body, while giving a natural and comfortable sleep. The Sleep System is made up of five individual sections; each section has a specific job to do. All five sections of the sleep system come together as a single unit to provide comfort during sleep.


The system prevents rolling over during sleep and the ‘lower extension’ section of the sleep system minimises slide. The ‘incline’ section supports your torso and elevates your body. The ‘channel’ section provides space for the shoulder and arm to rest stress-free. The ‘headrest’ engages your head and neck allowing a comfortable angle for your head to rest.


The incline position

Inclining the body deflects the angle of gravity from the upper end of the body towards the lower section of the body. There is less pressure on the airways, heart and lungs which makes breathing easier. It’s probably the reason why aged care centres, and hospital staff raise the upper section of the bed higher. This incline position allows a person to breathe easily.


The lateral position

There are three physical position people use during sleep. The Supine position, lateral position and the Prone position. They may use all three positions sparingly during sleep, or adapt to one of position for most of the night sleep. For snorers there is very little choice. The supine is the most offensive position to sleep on, as closure of the airways passage happens faster and more often. The Prone position is much better position, but could be very uncomfortable. The Lateral position is the most suitable and least stressful position for snorers.


We have combined successfully the concept of comfort, Incline position and Lateral position to create a Sleep System that provides a good night’s sleep naturally.


Excessive snoring can lead to other dangers in the day-to-day life of the snorer. Because they are experiencing sleep deprivation and a disruption of sleep patterns. Those who have an irregular sleep pattern are more susceptible to serious problems with health.


Clearly, snoring is not just a nuisance, but also a real problem. Snoring should not be just written off as a mere annoyance. Those who suspect that they have a snoring problem should seek the care of a physician. While there is no known cure for snoring, it can most certainly be controlled. You may be able to benefit from the U Sleepwell therapeutic pilow system.