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SBG Protector Cover

U Sleepwell's therapeutic sleep system  is also known as Snore Be Gone, sleep positioning system. Improper body positioning during sleep is identified as one of the prime reasons behind snoring. There are a few Ways To Stop Snoring, the best among them are the Inclined Lateral Sleep System, also known as the Snore Be Gone, sleep positioning system. The product is specifically designed to provide support to the head, neck, shoulders, torso and lower part of the body. This ensures that your body is relaxed and you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

SBG Protector Cover




SBG Protector Cover

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The protector cover is Hypoallergenic. Or non-allergy producing and the membrane are made from pure and natural cellulose fibre, which is from 100% natural eucalyptus wood pulp. The miracle membrane acts as a hygiene barrier to liquids, dust mite, allergens, bacteria and mould.


In today’s environment people with sensitive skin is constantly on the increase, and the need for high quality textile material for skin protection, support and comfort is a high priority. Skin breakdown happens in many ways, including moisture, pressure, friction and sheer. TENCEL®is the perfect fibre for sensitive skin, the fibre that feels good, and a perfect moisture manager.TENCEL® absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton.  It also offers benefits in thermoregulation, compared with cotton, TENCEL® feels cooler with rising temperatures. People with sensitive skin frequently suffer from heat. TENCEL® has a cooling effect on the skin. TENCEL® is the registered trade name for Lyocell.

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