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Key Factors

As the body engages the sleep system, the sleep system follows every inch and contour of the body filling in the gaps and removing any stress from the pressure points. Essentially the sleep system cradles the body from the head to the lower section of the body, maximizing comfort and extending sleep time.


The second function is to incline the body at a suitable angle which allows the centre of gravity and the weight to be deflected down towards the lower end of the body, leaving the upper end feeling light and easy to breath.


The third function is to lock the body in comfort in the left or right side, to allow the tongue and soft tissues to collapse sideways down, leaving the air passage open, allowing  breathing and reducing snoring.



The U Sleepwell Inclined, lateral sleep system is classified as a Medical Device Class 1 product (160551) by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


The sleep system design is based on a holistic approach to sleep. Sleep is a function of the whole body. Good sleep depends on the level of comfort the body is provided. The U Sleepwell sleep system addressed the comfort of head and neck, the shoulder and arm, the torso, and the lower section of the body individually.


The sleep system’s unique design extends sleep time by minimizing stress on the body.


The body is able to maintain correct posture by keeping the spinal column and shoulders at the right angle.


The sleep system is comfortable, non- intrusive, and allows the freedom to sleep normally.


The sleep system takes a combination of intermittent, followed by continued use of about a couple of weeks to adapt to the sleep system.


The sleep system is made from high quality viscoelastic memory foam, and high quality polyurethane foam. The sleep system is enclosed in a soft high quality washable white cover.


A special membrane protector cover is essential to protect the sleep system from fluids or perspiration to protect the sleep system. The purchase of this special membrane protector cover is extra and optional.


Summary: The key factors provide an over view of the Inclined, lateral sleep system. The complete working and concept of sleep system is put into a nut shell to help with people who need to make a decision to buy or to research the product further.